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Stainless Bolts & Screws Range
Stainless bolt with oval head, Stainless long carriage bolt, Stainless special bolt with claws, Stainless special bolt with triangle head, Stainless T bolt, Stainless A2 Torx Flat Head Countersunk Machine Screws

Steel Bolts & Screws Range
Big bolt 1″X5 1/4, Double end stud, Eye bolt, Hanger bolt, Hex bolt, Knurled bolt with PF head, Long bolt M18X190, Long bolt M12X200, Long bolt 7/16X5 3/4, Round head bolt with knurling, Shear head bolt, Square head bolt, Weld bolt, Wheel bolt

Anchors Range
Stainless wedge anchor, Sleeve anchor, Drop in anchor, Zinc hammer drive anchor, Screw anchor(Concrete anchor bolt), Nylon anchor, Cut anchor

Long Stainless Thread rod (Custom), Automotive Cold Forge Bushing

Special Stamping Parts in Stainless and Carbon Steel

Timber Fastener

Our capacity for bolt
Length: 25 mm-350 mm / Diameter: 8 mm-36 mm

Standard parts: DIN 9050, DIN 9051, DIN 7504, DIN 7976, DIN 7981, DIN 7982, DIN 7985, DIN 963, ISO 7380 (Stainless Socket Head Cap Screw)

Business Results
Argentina: Stainless special bolts (based on prints)
Japan: Stainless wedge anchors
Poland: Stainless stamping parts, stainless wedge anchor expansion clip
Philippines: stainless flange nuts, stainless socket button head screws, stainless washers, stainless nyloc nuts


Other Products

Our advantage of custom bolts

One of our specialties is to make custom long bolts in carbon and stainless steels.
We welcome inquiries from stainless bolt industries about hard-to-find bolts & fasteners.