Stainless & Metal Stamping parts

Stainless, Metal Stamping parts

We use progressive stamping machine to manufacture precision stainless and metal stamping parts, based on your drawings.

Capacity for Stamping Parts: Thickness 0.3 mm to 5 mm
Outside Diameter: 90 mm Max.

Size: Custom (based on drawings)
Material: Stainless Steels(A2, A4 hardened), Carbon Steels, Brass, Aluminum, Copper

Stamping parts we manufacture: Special Stampings, Washers, Angle Bars, Clip.

Manufacturing Facility: Progressive Stamping(25 tons, 35 tons, 45 tons, 60 tons, 110 tons) and Short-Run Stamping.

Some stainless flat washers are in stock.

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Our advantage of custom bolts

One of our specialties is to make long bolts in carbon and stainless steels based on your drawings.
We always try to save tooling costs as much as we can for our customers.  We welcome inquiries about hard-to-find fasteners.