Quality Management

To ensure the quality of our fasteners, we use calipers, gauges, projectors, and third party laboratories. 

For automotive spacers, we use optical sorting to do 100% sorting.  From below flow chart, you can understand how our process goes.

For each shipment, we provide material certificate, inspection reports, and other mechanical test reports when applicable.


Why us? Proven ability to develop new designs

Throughout the years, we have helped Powers Fasteners innovate knurled stainless wedge anchor bolts and tapped into the foreign markets and stainless bolt industries.  Currently we machine stainless anchor bolts for Sanko Techno Co., Ltd.

In 2015, we set up a sourcing department to help our customers develop Custom Fasteners like special large bolts, long stainless bolts, stainless nuts, long stainless screws, cold forge bushing, timber fastener, and stainless stamping parts.

Stainless Wedge Anchor Bolt Manufacturer in Taiwan

Stainless Wedge Anchor Bolt Manufacturer in Taiwan


  • Samples Follow-Up (Fiberglass Washer)

    I hope all is well. We received the washer and anchors. They look good. Stephen

  • Samples Follow-Up (Stainless Flat Washer)

    Received the parcel safely and quickly, thank you!  I had a look at the washers and the quality looks great.  Cheers, William

  • Post-Shipment Follow-Up (Stainless Flange Nuts and Cap Screws)

    The fasteners have been received and look very good thank you.

    We have just received the stainless nuts from DHL and we are very impressed with the quality. 
    Thank you for making this a great transaction and I will contact you when we require more stainless steel fasteners.  Best regards, Steve

  • Post-Sales Follow-Up (July 30, 2021) Stainless Washers for Valves

    Yes, everything is fine.  Thank you for asking.  I hope everything is well with you also.   The washers are working good,  It will take me some time to go through that many because orders have been slow for the valves that they are used with.  I am only using about 100 per month right now. Best Regards, Jim

How do we work with you? From materials to finished products and packing

1. Sign Your Non-Disclosure Agreement

2. Quote Your Drawing(s) or Sample(s)

3. You Accept Our Quote and Place An Order

4. Confirm Your Order

5. Buy Materials

6. Material Incoming Inspection (We reject the materials if the inspection is not Ok.)

7. Production and In-Process Quality Controls

8. Heat-Treatment and Surface Finish

9. Back to Plant Inspection

10. Final Inspection and 100% Sorting

11. Packing and Taking Photos

12. Shipping

13. Post-Shipment Follow Up

Our advantage

What makes us different is that we cut tooling costs as much as we can when we are developing custom fasteners with our customers. And if possible we do not ask large volume from our customers.