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Magnetic Power Bit: Transform your screwdriving with Magnetic Precision Bits. Strong magnets for a secure grip. Elevate your toolkit.

Power Bit 1/4, S2, PH2

Magnetic Power Bit: Transform your screwdriving with Magnetic Precision Bits. Strong magnets for a secure grip. Elevate your toolkit.
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Why us?

Proven ability to develop new designs

Throughout the years, we have helped Powers Fasteners innovate knurled stainless wedge anchor bolts and tapped into the foreign markets and stainless bolt industries.  Currently we machine stainless anchor bolts for Sanko Techno Co., Ltd.

In 2015, we set up a sourcing department to help our customers develop Custom Fasteners like special large bolts, long stainless bolts, stainless nuts, long stainless screws, cold forge bushing, timber fastener, and stainless stamping parts.

We have helped one of our European clients to develop stainless expansion clip for their wedge anchors.


Feedback on the quote for stainless special bolt (oval head)

Thanks for your quotation. Your price is competitive for us. Are you able to produce 3 of 4 pcs Samples for each size? Maybe in a different manufacturing process that might not require a new tooling. Please let me know your comments.

Post-Sales Feedback on Our Stainless Wedge Anchor M10X70, M10X90(2022/09/19)

Seller had great communication and promptly sent the goods. Bolts are genuine 316 stainless steel. I still have yet to Install them but I can tell they are of notable quality.

Samples Follow-Up (Fiberglass Washer)

I hope all is well. We received the washer and anchors. They look good. Stephen

Samples Follow-Up (Stainless Flat Washer)

Received the parcel safely and quickly, thank you!  I had a look at the washers and the quality looks great.  Cheers, William

Post-Shipment Follow-Up (Stainless Flange Nuts and Cap Screws)

The fasteners have been received and look very good thank you.

We have just received the stainless nuts from DHL and we are very impressed with the quality. 
Thank you for making this a great transaction and I will contact you when we require more stainless steel fasteners.  Best regards, Steve

Post-Sales Follow-Up (July 30, 2021) Stainless Washers for Valves

Yes, everything is fine.  Thank you for asking.  I hope everything is well with you also.   The washers are working good. It will take me some time to go through that many because orders have been slow for the valves that they are used with.  I am only using about 100 per month right now. Best Regards, Jim

Our history:

In 1987, we started as a bicycle screw manufacturer. We machined bicycle screws for trading companies.  As we grew, we purchased several pieces of equipment and focused on manufacturing wedge anchor.  Wedge anchor was a very useful construction fastener in 1990s.  Because of this construction wedge anchor bolt, we had a significant rise in sales. To service our customers better, we expanded our factory and moved to a strategic southern area.  In southern part of Taiwan, you can see lots of manufacturers who specialized in plating, heat-treatment, machining, and optical sorting.  We moved to the south of Taiwan to shorten the transit time of moving parts to next processes.

In 2000, we exported our wedge anchors to the United States through traders. Because our wedge anchors were in high quality, we were rewarded with a chance to work on Powers wedge anchors. In 2015, we set up a sourcing department to help our clients find custom fasteners like metric bolt, hanger bolt, retaining ring (SS 302 or 316), thread rod (DIN 975), carriage bolt, nylon anchor, fix bolt shield, concrete bolt, and oval head bolt for motorcycle. In 2020, we signed a non-disclosure agreement with an overseas client and worked on their patented screws.

Factory look:

Taiwan Custom Fasteners Manufacturer
Taiwan Custom Fasteners Manufacturer
Custom Fasteners Manufacturer in Taiwan
Custom Fasteners Manufacturer in Taiwan

More info about us:

Head Styles for Screws and Bolts: Round Slot Head, Flat Head, Oval Head, Binding Head, Pan Head, Truss Head, Button Head, PF. Head, Pan Wansher Head, Cheese Head, Fillister Head, Hex Washer Head w/ or w/o serrations


Our Standard Parts in Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminum and Alloy Steel: DIN 9050, DIN 9051, DIN 7504, DIN 7976, DIN 7981, DIN 7982, DIN 7985, DIN 963, ISO 7380 (Stainless Socket Head Cap Screw), Hex Socket Countersunk Head Cap Screw, DIN 912, DIN 7991, DIN 913, DIN 914, DIN 915, DIN 916, DIN 933, DIN 931, DIN 603, DIN 975, DIN 976, DIN 965, DIN 7971, DIN 7983, DIN 966, JISB 1111, ISO 14579, ISO 14580, ISO 14581, ISO 14583

Business results
Argentina: Stainless special bolts (based on prints-oval head)
Japan: Stainless wedge anchors (for rock climbing or construction use)
Poland: Stainless stamping parts, stainless anchor bolt expansion clip
Philippines: stainless flange nuts, stainless socket button head cap screws, stainless washers, stainless nyloc nuts
UK: Stainless Custom Screw (patented)
USA: Stainless flat washers (for valves industry)


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6-Lobe screw 20mm anti theft bolt Bolt CR3+ custom Custom Made Custom Size cut anchor Expansion Clip flood control fastener hex bolt long size low quantity M6 machine screw MECHANICAL ANCHOR Metric Screw oval head plastic head screw plastic head thumb screw Progressive Stamping security bolt shear bolt Special Bolt SS Screw stainless 304 stainless bolt Stainless Machine Screw Stainless Part stainless screw Stainless Special Bolt Stainless Stamping Part Stainless Steel Fasteners stamping parts T Bolt Tin Plated Torx Drive Machine Screw Torx Machine Screw Zinc Plated 膨脹螺絲 膨脹螺絲工廠